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Improving your medical diagnostics

Consultation - Measurement - Diagnosis

DiagnomX provides you with

  • Open access publications
  • Medical soft– and hardware solutions
  • Medical expert advises and consultations
  • Automated measurements of live and tissue—based images
  • Assistance in image—based diagnosis
  • Data mining and integration.

You are looking for fast and automated solutions of your specific medical - measurement – diagnosis
problem: just contact us.

Our internationally well known and experienced experts will guide you to find your own way in solving
your specific problems at very low costs.

About us

DiagnomX is the first enterprise that provides even non-experienced customers

  • Automated microscopic image measurements both on- and off line (patient- or experiment - oriented)
  • Automated image quality controlling (running curves)
  • Design and implementation of consultation services via internet or cellular phone
  • Access to unique environmental information such as fine particulate or mineral fibers
  • Access to automated teaching and education systems in anatomic pathology
  • Design and implementation of customer – tailored automated diagnosis systems
  • Consultation in distributed data creation and handling
  • Development of open customer - designed diagnosis information systems.

Examples of on-line available measurements in immunohistochemistry and fluorescence stained slides:

  • Stereology: analysis of low magnification microscopic images (immunohistochemistry, fluorescence)
  • Nucleus: Analysis of nuclear features (combined with syntactic structure analysis)
  • Membrane: Analysis of membrane features (combined with syntactic structure analysis)
  • Vessel: Analysis of vascular features including diffusion indices (combined with syntactic structure
  • FISH: Analysis of FISH signals (combined with syntactic structure analysis)
  • Comet FISH: Analysis of DNA breaks (Comet, including FISH signals), (combined with syntactic structure

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