The DiagnomX portal offers you the following services.

   Electronic Training - Teaching — Reference Books

Our Electronic Education — Teaching — Reference Books
include textbooks about the latest development of electronic distribution of medical information,
reference books about environmental hazards, their chemical and physical properties and health
affection, and textbooks on lung diseases. All systems are available on line as well as in printed form.
Fine Particulate & Natural and Artificial Mineral Fibers Affecting Man — Digital Lung Pathology
— Analytical Lung Pathology — Veterinary Medicine

   Electronic Automated Measurement System (EAMUS)

Our Electronic Automated Measurement User System (EAMUS)
is an easy to use measurement system of immunohistochemically stained images (including
fluorescence) that consists of standardized programs most frequently applied in microscopic
image analysis: MembranesNucleiStereologyFISHComet-FISHVessels -
Syntactic Structure Analysis - Image Quality Assessment

   Electronic Information Archiving System (ELIAS)

Our Electronic Information Archiving System (ELIAS)
supports you in archiving your digital cases and slides with sophisticated retrieval, for example
based upon image classification and measurement data. Creation of virtual slides and statistical
analysis of archived cases can be ordered as well as services for distributed daily work including
reimbursement and complete documentation of performed activities.

   Automated Diagnosis Assistant System (ADIAS)

Our Automated Diagnosis Assistant System (ADIAS)
offers you an easy - to -use and flexible assistance in diagnosis assistance of numerous diseases.
Having defined your specific diagnosis cohorts the internet accessible unique system will create
your specific test and working set dependent upon the data that are available. Patients’ clinical
data might be used as well as histological or radiological images, gene expression or tissue micro
arrays. Once the test set has reached its classification specificity the classification results of
additional cases will be submitted via email within a few minutes. The ADIAS diagnosis assistant
system is neither organ bound nor disease limited.

   Virtual International Pathology Institute (VIPI)

Our Virtual International Pathology Institute (VIPI) provides you with
Medical expert advises, consultations, and justifiable tissue - - based diagnosis
Training of young colleagues under the guidance of experienced pathologists
Assistance in development of your laboratory
Formal and human based image quality control and application
Automated measurements of live and tissue—based images
Data mining and integration.
You are looking for fast and internationally based pathologists’ expertise of your specific medical cases,
advices in additional laboratory investigations, improvement of your laboratory: just contact us.
Our international well known and experienced experts will state definite tissue - based diagnoses and
guide you to find your own way in solving your specific problems at very low costs.