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The Virtual International Pathology Institute provides you with

  • Medical expert advises, consultations, and justifiable tissue - based diagnosis
  • Training of young colleagues under the guidance of experienced pathologists
  • Assistance in development of your laboratory
  • Formal and human based image quality control and application
  • Automated measurements of live and tissue-based images
  • Data mining and integration.

You are looking for fast and internationally based pathologists expertise of your specific medical cases,
advices in additional laboratory investigations, improvement of your laboratory: just contact us.
Our international well known and experienced experts will state definite tissue - based diagnoses and guide
you to find your own way in solving your specific problems at very low costs.

About us

The Virtual International Pathology Institute (VIPI) is the first international and electronically based Institute
of Pathology that provides expert consultation, justifiable diagnosis, and training of young colleagues with

  • Automated translation of communication into several languages
  • Diagnosis - related access to medical libraries
  • Access to and search in several open access peer reviewed journals
  • Diagnosis statements within four working days
  • Assistance in laboratory development and quality control
  • Guide in education and training in tissue - based diagnosis
  • Automated image quality controls (running curves)
  • Formal and pathology - based image quality assurance
  • Automated microscopic image measurements both on- and off line (patient- or experiment - oriented)
  • Access to unique environmental information data such as fine particulate or mineral fibers
  • Design and implementation of customer - tailored automated diagnosis systems.

The Virtual International Pathology Institute consists of more than 60 internationally experienced
pathologists working in more than 20 countries.

  • They have organized themselves in an institute - like, fully democratic frame.
  • They are on duty in weekly schedules serving for consultation and (on demand) for justifiable diagnosis
    of submitted cases.
  • On demand, they guide and train young colleagues in virtual diagnosis and microscopy.
  • Clients and experts can select their native language in most cases, and are supported by advanced
    literature searches.
  • Clients can expect diagnosis statements given by more than four independent experts in general.
  • Consultation reports and diagnosis are provided within four working days at the latest.
  • Industry is invited so submit images for formal and diagnosis related quality evaluation on request.
  • Clients can create their own data basis for diagnosis assurance and future evaluation.
  • An advanced security of the patients private data is implemented.

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